Laguna Madre Fishin Tour

Last Friday I went out fishing with some friends Chuck Lamb and Bud Baker. After last weeks successful run we decided to do it again, run to Baffin Bay.

Chuck Lamb is a TCU Professor that has authored several books in the Business Marketing field. Very nice of him to give me a signed copy of a recent addition of MKTG 3. This will be useful for JustGoFishin.com.

Bud Baker is the Manager of The Dunes Condo’s in Port Aransas. Anyone that knows him would tell you he’s quite the character and will keep you in stitches or insults. He’s a lot of fun to be around. He’s also been a great support of some local fishing tournaments.

Anyway, Friday (June 12th,) morning we made our first stop at Bluff’s Landing for gas & bait. We headed south on my 22’ Bazor Bay to try out Center Reef again and check-out a new area Alazan Bay. The wind was strong out of the South East and the swells began to increase to white caps. Not the best sign for fishing.

As we arrived to Center Reef we tried anchoring & drift fishing with no bites. The water was very turbulent and brown from stirring up the soil. Tuff conditions for any angler. We decided to head over to the East side of Alazan Bay hoping to catch some wind cover and some shallow sandy areas.

Declared Emergency
As time was slipping by and no catches in our box I had to Declare an Emergency! We decided to leave Baffin Bay and head on down to the Land Cut for some wind shelter and fish some spots that should produce. This would take us about 30 to 40 minutes of our day to change our strategy.

We arrived to the Land Cut and anchored up at a favorite location. The water looked much clearer with the wind cover. We dropped our hooks in the water using shrimp & croaker and it wasn’t long before Bud had a FISH-ON. He was a fighter so we new it had to be of good size. As he got close to the boat he had caught a Jack Crevalle. That was the first time I’d seen this species caught in the Land Cut. He was a 24 incher.

We then started to get into some nice trout to fill up or box. All of us pulled in some nice catches of the day. Bud finished the day with a nice 25” Redfish.

All in all we salvaged the day by changing strategies from Baffin Bay to the Land Cut early on and having a lot of fun angling for the day.

Hope ya’ll have a nice day fishin,

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