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We have really been pleased with the kind of response we are getting at JustGoFishin.com. We thank you for visiting our search engine and hope you keep coming back to find the recourses you need at JustGoFishin.

As we've been talking with other companies about JustGoFishin, it's common to find to have some people inflate there number of visitors to there site. Some knowingly, others unknowingly. I just had a company on the phone today tell me that they will get 9 million hits this year to there website. I told him that we will have about 2 million visitors to JustGoFishin. He quickly changed the subject to something else.

I just like to be straight with people and hopefully educate them along the way. When you have 1 visitor navigate to your website that will generate anywhere from 50 to 150 hits. Heavily advertised pages will generate many hits with one visitor.

At JustGoFishin, when we say were getting 5,000 visitors a day thats what we mean. We don't throw up a smoke screen and pump ourselves up by converting our visitors to hits. We could say that we get 50,000 hits a day, but we don't... that would be deceptive. We choose to measure our performance by how many actual visitors are coming to JustGoFishin.

We watch our website popularity ranking by visiting alexa.com. Alexa.com is simply a listing of all websites on the web sorted by traffic. So you can go there and see how JustGoFishin.com is ranking. You can also see how your own website is ranking.

Just for kicks we did a comparison of other well known websites in the Texas Coastal Bend.

As you can see JustGoFishin has a very strong ranking. Compared to other sites in our area. We hope this helps in taking the mystery out of how a website is performing. We hope that Everyday is a Great Fishin Day.

So when someone is telling you how much traffic they are getting on there website... checkout Alexa.com.


ABC Fishing Tournament In Pictures

Great prizes donated by the Sponsors

Great Sponsors!

Weigh-In Begins

Great Catches of The Day

9 Spots on this Sweet Red. 5 showing in picture and 4 on opposite side

Catch and Release...

Raffle and Fishin Stories

The Winners are...

Trout Division
1st Place: Richard Miller
2nd Place: Terry Smith
3rd Place: Armando Marin

Redfish Division
1st Place: Jim Sutton
2nd Place: Ricardo Gonzalez
3rd Place: Johnny Sutton

Flounder Division
1st Place: Louis Sullet
2nd Place: Lance Brown

3rd Place: Terry Smith

Black Drum Division
1st Place: Terry Smith
2nd Place: Sam Calum

3rd Place: Roland Sello

Kids (18 & Under)
1st Place: Aarron
2nd Place: Britany
3rd Place: Tate, Chelsea, Kevin

Team Winners

1st Place: Bob Morris, Repcon Team
2nd Place: J.M. Davidson, The Reel Team
3rd Place: Scott Macon, Team Rome

Spot Pot Winner:
Bobby Luis

50/50 Grand Slam Winner:
Sam Calum

Other Winners:

There you have it.... ABC Fishing Tournament in Pictures. Great organization and Great Sponsors made for another successful Fishing Tournament.

JustGoFishin.com was glad to be on hand to capture the Fishin Stories in Pictures


ABC Fishing Tournament, June 21st

Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.
Coastal Bend Chapter
Saturday, June 21st, 2008 at Marker 37
Don't miss-out on this tournament. Looks like there are some great prizes for the winners! There Check-out the Details at JustGoFishin.


Realty World Packery Channel Fishing Tournament

Realty World Packery Channel Fishing Tournament was a great success in raising $3,070 for Saltwater-Fisheries Enhancement Association. I believe everyone had a great day on the water. Congratulations to Realty World for putting on a fantastic event!


We Keep On Growing!

This has been another great week of growth as we continue to add new clients & links into our database at JustGoFishin.com. We hope that you continue to stop by and visit JustGoFishin for your ultimate fishing recourse in the Texas Coastal Bend.

Also, did you know that a website link will rise or fall automatically based on it's popularity? Yep, the more clicks on a website links gets, the higher it will rank. (Based on it's Value). Click here for details.

Categories we've seen new clients for your fishin needs are:
> Lures
> Tackle
> Apparel
> Boats
> Taxidermy

We are excited for the opportunity to make it easier to find all of your fishin needs in one place, here at JustGoFishin.com