Labor Day Weekend Land Cut Fishing

What do ya do to kick-off the Labor Day weekend? Take your favorite banker's family out fishin. It's always fun to go out fishing with the Weatherston's. Bryan and his wife Claire visiting from St. Louis and Travis getting ready to start school at BYU-I it was fun to have a small part in their gathering. It was kind of a tame day for fishing catching several slot specks and a red. 

Travis in the "Talk to the Hand" pose while we get ready to head back home with catches of the day. 
We use live shrimp with "fish bites". The specs were hitting on anything. 

Have a great day of fishin!
Dave Alexander


Laguna Madre Fishing with Grandkids

A few hours on the water with the grandkids makes for a great day. Evie catches her first and biggest fish of the day! This sheepshead gave her a great battle to land in the boat as she holds it up with awe! Evie was using live shrimp and shrimp bites for bait to land this beast! Girls always seem to catch the biggest fish.
 Breyton pulls in a whiting and other unruly fish. He caught a crab and a dog fish.
Breyton will make a great captain as he navigates through the channels with the family on board.

Peter took care of the bait... well, he mostly played with the bait. I guess he was keeping them motivated for their big event when they got on the hook.
 Billings bait supplied use with live shrimp and croaker. 

 The reward of the day was lunch at snoopy's and ice cream cones at scoopy's!

Y'all have a great day of fishin!
Dave Alexander


Land Cut Fishing with Gerry Kizerian

Had a great time fishing the Texas Land Cut last Saturday (July 11, 2015). Gerry Kizerian and his son in law David Francis join us on a hot July Saturday. I decided to go with live shrimp with fish bites for bait and proved to be a winning combination.
Speckled Trout, Jerry Kizerian
Jerry, just like a marathon runner, started off at a slow pace and near the end of day caught the most and biggest fish. David had some nice catches below.
Speckled Trout, David

Texas Land Cut Fishing Trip, July 11, 2015
I sure enjoyed hanging out with these guys with a fishin pole in our hands. And boy do we have some fishin stories for the ones that got away!

Y'all have a great day of fishin!
Dave Alexander


Pole Benders at the Texas Land Cut

What a great spring break fishing trip to the Texas Land Cut. It has been a while since making this trip but the timing couldn't have been better. However, due to the morning fog and low visibility we had to fly by instruments using our GPS and cruising speed of 38 mph. We weren't sure what to expect for the day since we only had dead shrimp and "fish bites" for bait. 
We ended up with some nice Pole Benders at the land cut catching black drum and redfish on a nice overcast day with a slight breeze. Had a great time fishing with Travis Weatherston and Aaron DeVictoria. The competition started when Travis pulled in the first pole bender at 24 inches. Then I was able to wrestle in a 28 incher while Aaron captured a 26 incher.
Travis Weatherston black drum
Travis Weatherston released this 33" black drum
Later in the day, on my "last cast" fishing pole, I grabbed another pole bender at 27 inches and felt secure in the largest catches for the day. I graciously put my fishing pole away and gave the boys 30 minutes to top me or we'd have to leave. About 10 minutes before the "times up"... Bam! Travis grabs this 33 inch black drum, the largest pole bender of the day.
Aaron DeVictoria, black drum
Aaron DeVictoria released 34" black drum
As soon as Travis lands his drum,.. Bam! Aaron's pole bends and lands a 34 inch black drum tying a 2009 "boat" record with a 34 inch black drum. So each of us on our "Last Cast" caught a 27 inch, 33 inch, and 34 inch black drum. Thanks Manual! Shameless plug for my friend who's built my "Last Cast" rods.
Catching a couple nice 26 inch redfish while we're out there was a little icing on the cake. 

So whats a "pole bender"? Today they're black drum. Their fight is distinctly different then other fish. When you catch one they're slow methodical creatures that bend your pole by using their weight or girth and tall sail like body to put the breaks on from being pulled in towards the boat. Your pole will be bending the whole time you're attempting to land the fish. They're just a lot of fun to catch... and eat as well!

Really had a great time fishing with these guys! We caught several pole benders today and was an all around great day of fishin!

Dave Alexander