Corpus Christ Boat Show

Hope your new year is starting off the way you wanted. This month seems to be flying by very fast. Thought I would let you know that I'll be at the Corpus Christi Boat show this weekend taking a look at what's available in boats. The choices we have today for fishing the Texas Coastal Bend is amazing! What kind of boat should I get? A Haynie... A Mosca... or Mejak? or one of the several other brands available.

Recently I picked up a Kayak at Jerry B's and equipped it for fishing. Took it out for a test drive and it was great! My biggest concern for buying a kayak was having a Kayak with the closest thing to a Lazy Boy for a seat placed in it for comfort. Since I'm older in age comfort is more important to me. I'm looking forward to Joining the Third Coast Kayak Fishing Series this February. They put on a great Kayak fishing tournament. Kayak's are such a personal water craft that it really needs to fit your your personality and meet your needs for fishing or recreation. Jerry B's really can get you set up right!

I guess Fishing Boats are very much the same idea. Of coarse there are similar features between boats but I'll be looking for something that will let me drift fish in shallows like 9 Mile Hole or Emmords Hole, get me to Baffin Bay with-out getting wet or sunk, Get me to the Land Cut quick, and Easily anchor/stick up by Packery Channel. Also, enjoy sight seeing with family and groups of friends, water skiing parties and other water sports. And I certainly can't leave out the boat being Comfortable for Myself and Passengers. Oh ya... Enjoy sunsets with my wife :o)

Again, Looking forward to seeing what's available!

Today I'll be at the SEA booth helping them sell raffle tickets & SEA memberships. (Some Lucky Person is going to win a new fishing boat) This is a really great organization that enhances our local fisheries! Hope you'll stop by!

Also, coming up is the Baffin Bay Rodeo! $10,000 1st place prize.

Dave Alexander


Anonymous said...

I would look at Haynie or Southshore, I believe with the economy headed the way it is, the Texas Boat Builders should be more opt. to work with you on the prices! I will try to make to the show! Regards

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you can list the real bay boat BayMaster.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I run an Ultra Cat and I like the boat. They make a 23 that would be a good fit. It will run as shallow as you are willing to go. It will float in about 3 to 4 inches. My 25 runs about 50 with three people and gear with 225 Suzuki. Also something I saw at the Houston show I liked was the Shoalwater 23 Cat. You might want to have a look at it. One of my guide friends test drove it and said it was every bit as good as the Ultra Cat if not better in some ways. Don’t know much about the Haynie, Mosca, or Mejak except that they all draft about 6 to 8 inches of water. They are a better rough water boat but most likely will not run or drift in areas you listed. Good luck and let me know what you decided.

Anonymous said...

Dave any of the boats mentioned would work--prefer a Majek--especially for speed. None of the "tunnel" boats are going to be very good for water skiing but the Haynie would be the best for that. Don't buy small at least a 21 foot or better a 23. Need some business just got off the worst year I've ever had (hurricanes, rain, wedding in New Jersey and a hernia operation). Guess it all caught up with me. Do yourself a favor and look into a Power Pole but make sure it is an 8 footer--be the best "toy" you will ever buy. Oh my name is the English spelling LOU for Louis.

Good luck in finding a boat (if you want a Majek I can help you on a good buy.)

Anonymous said...

I will give your email to Bob when he gets in town Monday. At our location is Coastline Marine (713)614-2057 - Shallow Sport & Haynie dealer. You should call or stop by and see what they have available.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

That is awesome that you got a kayak. I will have to show you a couple of good spots to launch and fish. I will probably try to go by the boat show. We are going to visit Alicia's dad at the river this weekend so I really need to get the boat ready. I heard the Victoria Barge canal is hot so we will check that out.

If it were me buying another boat starting from scratch I would definitely get the 8 foot power pole. The 6 foot is nice but I have found several holes that are too deep for the 6 footer. Next I would go to Ceasar White and order his new 23'8" Cat and put a 300hp suzuki on it www.moscaboats.com . It will give you everything you want in comfort and room for the family as well as get you to your fishin spots quick and dry. I will probably put another couple hundred hours on the little mosca then sell to get the bigger 23'8" Cat. The 24' Tran Sport XLR8 would be my second choice followed by the Haynie 24'. I am not a big fan of the Majek I don't think they are constructed as well as the three I listed. I have looked at the Marshalls and they seem nice but I have never been in one or seen how they are constructed. I wish ya luck and am kinda jealous... Thats the only shopping I enjoy," BOAT SHOPPING!".

We are getting ready for the Baffin Rodeo. I found a 26"er that weighed 6.5lbs on Sunday. Four fish like that will put us at the top of the leader board. I'm excited bout it. I will talk to ya at the Boat show hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Hey Friend! Sorry can't make the show. However, I got a feelin' our paths will cross this year sometime. Congrats on a boat! I am partial to Majek

My next bay boat: 33' Contender 33 Tournament 2008 Majek with Lowrance GPS/side scope, Bow&Stern mounts, XL capacity and distance can be used in flats and other waters.

Mosca in most are flats dominate.

Haynie are cool...I just need more room.

Kayaks are great I have only done fishin' on Kayak 2 times in my life and both times it was awesome...sure woule like a couple of those ez chair types for my wife and I and our 18lbs dog. Ha!

Stay in touch..BB rodeo sounds like a hoot...my customers have me busier than a bee preparing for this year's season..My wife is taking over some of LL's PR work..She will be in touch with you soon!


Anonymous said...

Maybe, I'll see you there. I'll be at the Coast Guard Auxilliary Booth Saturday 3-8pm.

Anonymous said...

hey dave,i would get a majek or a jh go over to sport marine and talk to bob they sell both of them.jh is a better ride but they are both good.his number is 281-238-0060 let him know that tommy alexander sent you.