Trip to the Land Cut

Black Drum, 34 inches, Dave Alexander
Today seemed to be a good day to visit the Land Cut since 20 mile an hour winds were predicted and last night was a full moon. We decided to take my new Blazer Bay south to the Land Cut for its first big trip. She cut through the 2' to 3' swells on the way down and found softer waters at the Land Cut. Though the wind was still strong there was enough land cover to fish the area. Even after anchoring up the wind caused us to loose our position a few times. We managed to catch several under sized redfish and several drum in the area. I was able to catch a personal record 34" Black Drum and release it after a good fight. Pictured above is Josh, Me, and Tracy where we caught several Black Drum and a Red for the grill later. We used live shrimp from Bluffs Landing for a fun day on the water.


Steven C Alexander said...

Dave, that thing is huge. New record for the family. I'll have to come back and beet the record!

Anonymous said...

Dave, you caught nessie!
-John and Danika