Nicholas Kawamura nice redish catch

Nicolas said, "I caught a 51 1/2 inch 40.5 pounds redfish (the monster) with a spinning reel 15 pound line (which i thought i was going to lose this guy because I could see the weak spots on my line while fighting him). I was using skipjack as bait. This beauty of a fish was caught at the King Ranch shoreline on Laurles on 6/22/2013 it took about 45 mins to get him in and he still had a lot of fight in him. Nicolas sent this in from his iPhone. In picture from left to right Nicholas Kawamura ( the one who made the catch) Robert Saldana, Jerry Alvarez.

Dave Alexander

Scott Grundhauser's Black Drum Catch

Scott Grundauser Black Drum Catch
Nice catch at the Texas Land Cut. This nice Black Drum was caught on live shrimp by Scott Grundhauser.

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander


Corpus Christi Law Enforcement Fishing Tournament, 2013


August 2nd and 3rd will be another awesome fishing tournament you can't miss! Great prizes, great friends great catches with great memories. Sign up today online at CCLEFT! See y'all there...



Trayner's at the Texas Land Cut

In spite of the brown tide we managed to make a few nice black drum catches at the Texas Land Cut. Had a great time with the Trayner's who have been serving missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). 
Zack Trayner's Black Drum Catch, JustGoFishin.com
Zack who just returned home to McAllen from Chile where he served a two year mission caught this nice 24 inch black drum. He will be headed to BYU soon to continue his studies.
Stephen Trayner's Black Drum Catch, JustGoFishin.com
Stephen Trayner and his wife Sandy have been presiding over the LDS mission in Southern Texas. Almost at the end of their three years of serving they will be headed back to Utah where Stephen will continue his law practice. Pictured above is a 27 inch black drum Stephen landed on the boat after a nice struggle eventually tiring out this beast. This black drum ultimately found its freedom as we docked up at home. In attempting to place this fish in our barrel to clean, it made one last attempt at wiggling and it burst out of my hands and landed in the canal making a clean getaway! 

We certainly wish the Trayner's well in their future endeavors we will miss them for the great people they are and great example they have been these last 3 years.

Hope y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander


Sheepshead Fish

Sheepshead are not as popular to target when fishing the Texas Laguna Madre, but they're a great keeper fish to take home for a meal. Their skin and scales are hard to cut through but the white meat you get from these prickly creatures are tasty. This nice sized sheepshead was caught at humble channel on dead shrimp.
Sheepshead fish caught at humble channel

Evan DeHart shows off this beast of a sheepshead getting it ready for the carving table. This young angler takes his fishin seriously! 

Other popular places to catch sheepshead's are at the Port A Jetty and Packery Channel Jetty. Be sure not to cast to far out on the jetties. Try to stay closer to the big granite boulders when fishing for these guys. Also, you might try the boat hole for this species as well. 

Steve DeHart sheepshead catch
Steve DeHart's Sheepshead Catch

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander