John Montalbo Speckled Trout Catches

Nice 20 inch speckled trout caught by John Montalbo at the Packery Channel Jetty using live shrimp. John also pulled in a 17 inch trout to add to his stringer. Visiting from San Antonio he and his wife were enjoying a day of fishing. http://tales.justgofishin.com


Chase Brooks Black Tail Shark

2 year old Hallee Brooks and Grandmother Pat Higgins with a small Whiting caught next to the Packery Channel Jetty.

12 year old Chase Brooks from Poteau Oklahoma catching his first Black Tail Shark from the Packery Channel Jetty Nov. 22, 2009.

Pat Higgins is an Island resident who loves spending beach time and fishing with her grandchildren!! http://tales.justgofishin.com


Cougar in Junction, Texas

This cougar was shot just across the fence between Juction & London Texas where they enjoy 400 acres leased on the Red Creek Nature Ranch. These Cougars live about 10 to 11 years in the wild and will prey on white tailed deer and mule deer. They also like to prey on Javelina, Pronghorn Antelope, Feral Hogs, Big Horned Sheep, Raccoons, Coyotes, Porcupine, Possums, Rabbits and other animals.

Mountain lion attacks on people are few and fare between with only 4 attacks since 1980. Texas Parks and Wildlife has a pamphlet for more information.

Captain John Little



Captain George Garza Catches

Launching out of Laguna Shores Captain George Garza client fishing a cold morning catches several Black Drum and Speckled Trout. Sweet! Thanks for sharing your photo's George. http://tales.justgofishin.com


David Brooks Packery Channel Jetty Catches

To get the edge on ALL your buddies and other anglers and catch the biggest and the most fish you should try the "Real Lemon Juice" Rig. Not many people know about this set-up but you'll catch Sheephead, Black Drum, and Redfish all day long.

David uses a Real Lemon Juice container as a float with about a foot and a half of leader to a triple hook. I'm definitely going get one of these in my tackle box!

As you can see David Brooks filled up his cooler with some nice catches of the day!!! Congratulations.

Nice Sheephead catch

Cooler full of Redfish, Black Drum, and sheephead.

Caught a nice 30" Bull Redfish

The Packery Channel Jetty is producing some nice catches today using live shrimp on a Real Lemon Juice Rig. David Brooks made some lemonaid out of lemons. :o)


Jonathon Murphy Nice Black Drum Catch

Black Drum are here at the Packery Channel Jetty. Johnathon Murphy of Chorpus Christi caught a nice black drum on live shrimp only about 30 minutes of arriving to the Packery Channel Jetty. http://tales.justgofishin.com

Anthony Duhart Black Drum Catch

Nice black drum catch by Anthony Duhart of Corpus Christi, Texas. This Black Drum measures about 20 inches ant caught on live shrimp at the Packery Channel Jetty. The Reds and drums are running at the packery. http://tales.justgofishin.com

Ray Pena Redfish Catch

Ray Pena of Corpus Christi caught a nice 24 inch redfish at the Packery Channel Jetty today. The reds are hitting on live shrimp. http://tales.justgofishin.com


Captain Joe Garza Catches

Above are a few picture of Captain George Garza clients I took out yesterday Friday the 13th 2009 (Nov). Over all pretty good trip. We caught some nice Black Drum and a few Speckled Trout. We lost several fish. But, overall the main thing is we had fun catching them at the King Ranch Shoreline. http://tales.justgofishin.com

Daniel Timog Pompano Catches

These nice 15 inch Pompano's were caught at the Packery Channel Jetty Yesterday by Daniel Timog using Live Shrimp. The bait fish were heavy at the Packery Jetty with 10's of thousands of mullet schooling around the rocks. http://tales.justgofishin.com



Captain Angell's Catches Last Week

Some nice catches for Captain Angell's Clients last week. Ranging in various weight and sizes, these Black Drum, Flounder and Redfish are nice catches in the upper Laguna Madre. http://tales.justgofishin.com


Jazz's First Walk On The Beach

Meet Jazz, our new puppy. Today was her first walk on the beach and she really enjoyed it. A hole lot of new smells for her to leave her pee mail. She had got real comfortable by this log and then the surf came up and soaked her. That's when she got her first taste of salt water. Great day on the beach with my wife and I. Jazz is a 10 week old miniature Schnauzer. http://www.justgofishin.com


Help find Joe Houston

Volunteers needed to help find Joe. Contact Amy Warner at 361-334-6703 for more information.

Nicole Lamberti 973-447-8051 for search planning resources.

Watch channel 6 News airs a segment on this recovery mission.


Eric Orozco Great Catches

Nice 16" Mangrove Snapper

21" Black Drum

Eric Orozco from Corpus Christi caught these nice Black Drum and Magrove Snapper at the Packery Channel Jetty today fishing with live shad. http://tales.justgofishin.com


Captain Garza's Fish Fillets

Captain Garza out fishing last Saturday caught some nice Redfish and Speckled trout using plastics. As you can see by the picture provided... the 25 inch speckled trout he filleted had almost a 9 inch mullet in its belly. The Redfish had crabs in its belly. http://reports.justgofishin.com