VX-30 Bloodhounds Fishing Texas Land Cut

The VX-30 Bloodhounds came to Corpus Christi and squeezed in a fishing trip with JustGoFishin. Commander James P Borghardt, Jay Rodriguez and Shane Skopak were on a mission to observe and photograph the entry on the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it entered Earth's atmosphere for the last time on June 1st, 2011. The Bloodhounds landed in Corpus Christi after completing their mission and decided to JustGoFishin.

It was truly an honor to take these young men out fishing for a little R and R for all the great work they do in serving their country and protecting our freedom.  It was great to here there impressions of the how fast the space shuttle was moving as they manuvered into postion to observe Endeavour.

We got together at about 7:00am and headed south to the famous Texas Land Cut in hopes of a good day of fishin. We anchored up and placed some nice live shrimp from Clems Marina on our hooks to see how the day would start.
Jay Rodriguez, Dog Fish
Jay Rodriguez who had never before gone fishing caught this ugly dog fish right off the bat. Course it's usually a good sign that fish are biting. We hung in there for something more edible.
Jay Rodriguez, Speckled Trout
Jay found a nice speckled trout looking for a quick meal and landed his first "Keeper" speckled trout.

Jay Rodriguez, Pin Perch
No, Jay is not showing off the bait he was using. He actual snagged this "bait size" pin purch through the eye while thinking he had a big one! Way to go, smallest fish landed with a #2 hook!
Mark Skopak, Speckled Trout

Matt Skopak landed a nice speckled trout. Below he catches the only redfish of the day. turned out to be just short of a keeper. But the fight was fun.
Mark Skopak, Redfish

CDR James Borghardt had a great time pulling in some terrific speckled trout. I had no idea the "Borg" was on our vessel... you know... Resistance is futile, at least for these specks.
CDR James Borgherdt, Speckled Trout
What a terrific group of guy's working for Uncle Sam and taking a quick break to go fishin. The weather was great and just awesome to be outside catch-in a few fish.

Dave Alexander