Sea Lice or Mantis Shrimp

First trip of 2013 to the Land Cut was a very calm sunny day. This time of year is usually more difficult then others at the Texas Land Cut. Live shrimp is hard to come by for bait and today was no exception. However, we decided to pick up some Sea Lice at clems for our trip since our main target was black drum.
Land Cut Fishin, JustGoFishin.com

So what in the world are sea lice? It turns out that the correct name for these beauties is "Mantis Shrimp". These guys are a cross between a Caterpillar and a praying mantis of the sea world. Bait shops in our area call these crustacean sea lice. 

Black Drum, Speckled Trout, JustGoFishin.com

Catches of the day produced a few black drum and a speckled trout. It was a great day to be outside on the water and a nice way to begin 2013.

Dave Alexander


Fil Spencer IFA Kayak and Overall 2012 Angler

Fil Spencer IFA 2012 Kayak and Overall Angler of the Year

Congratulations to Fil Spencer for receiving honors for the IFA angler of the year for 2012 in both the Kayak and Overall divisions. Very talented angler shares this 47 inch bull redfish caught from his kayak. Check out all the details in the Caller Times Article written by a good friend David Sikes.

I had the opporunity to interview Fil for our very first Pilot Podcast Show called JustGoFishin Tales and Reports back in February 2010. LOL, the host, ME, was pretty lame. Fil did a great job sharing with us how he catches redfish. Fils Interview is about 7.28 into the podcast if you'd like to fast forward into show. Keep up the good work Fil, I'm not suprised about your honors for 2012 because you've been fishing at such a high level for a long time! Thanks Fil for sending in your pic to us with a link to David Sikes article!

Dave Alexander