Baffin Bay Rodeo

Captain John Little pre-fishing the Baffin Bay Rodeo. John caught this nice 8.1 lb trout at the tail end of the day at King Ranch Shoreline. Results for the Baffin Bay Rodeo will be finalized today, February 28th, at 3:00pm. JustGoFishin will post the results and pictures online by Wednesday, March 3rd.




Wayne Morais Great Grouper Catch

Wayne Caught this nice 70 lbs grouper offshore near Port Mansfield. This and several others nice catches were all made within a few hours. http://tales.justgofishin.com



Dave Gravelle's Redfish and Sheepshead

Nice 26" Redfish and large Sheepshead caught by Dave Gravelle who is visiting from Lindstrom Minnesota. Fishing on the Port A Jetty, Dave caught these beauties on ghost shrimp. http://tales.justgofishin.com


Capt Marvin Engel Trout Trip

Captain Marvin Engel and buddy caught several nice speckled sea trout at Rocky Slough using 1/8oz jighead using 5" sassy shad colors Limetreuse, Pumpkin/chartreuse/white, and Texas Avocado. http://tales.justgofishin.com


Captain John Little and Roy Clark

Captain John Little & Roy Clark last weekend in an undisclosed location Pre-Fishin the Baffin Bay Rodeo which is coming up this February 26th, 27th & 28th. Trout were about 5 to 6 lbs... probably need 7 to 8 lbs to win the Tournament.

Captain John Little
Roy Clark
Roy Clark


Fishing Guides Day Off

3 fishing guide Captains took the day off and guess what... They went fishing. Checkout these nice catches in Aransas Bay by Captain Mike Walston, Captain Ronnie Waters, and Captain Al Gordon, Very nice stringer of redfish. http://tales.justgofishin.com

Captain Mike Walston

Captain Ronnie Waters

Mike Walstom & Ronnie Waters