Ruben Cisneros Trophy Trout Catch

Had a great weekend fishing with great fishing friends this past weekend in Baffin. Our goal was to target big winter trophy trout. To say that it was cold would be an understatement.....but well worth it.

Both days we had to weed thru some nice redfish, but we found some nice size trout. I lost a very large trout on Saturday, but Sunday the odds were certainly in my favor....enjoy.

Baffin Bay - This girl was hoovering the 30" mark...could be less, could be more...she was over 2" on the 28" mark on my Waterloo rod. Too excited to think about getting a weight on her with the boga..didn't want to stress her by lifting her upright without support of her body...in my opinion she was 10lbs plus. After a few quick pictures she was released to continue to enjoy her earned journey to repopulate our system.

Captain Ruben Cisneros


Trout Scoping Meeting Update

Several SEA members were present at the Trout scoping meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 18. The general thoughts coming from Texas Parks and Wildlife is to change bag limit to 5 and increase the size to 16". The room of attendees was split on the issue with half just asking to leave things as they are to half agreeing with the 5 fish limit (there were mixed feelings about the 16" increase).

The deadline to make comment ends at 5 pm on Friday, Jan. 21. SEA has not developed a position statement. I think like most groups we are split also but each individual can make a difference by making your comments known by going online at www.tpwd.state.tx.us and go to the comment page and submit your suggestion there or by emailing Art Morris directly at art.morris@tpwd.state.tx.us

Today, Brent Burkhart attended the Coastal Advisory Group Meeting in Austin and that group will be recommending that we leave it alone for now but keep monitoring the situation on trout.

We will keep you informed.

Thank you,

Pam Arredondo
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Larry and Verne Sheepshead catches

Larry Omken & Verne Huchaba visiting from Thomson Illinois for a few month's taking in some sun shine in this South Texas winter. They caught a nice stringer of sheepshead using ghost shrimp at the Port A Jetty. They certainly have this technique down on how to get after these fish... also see their picture last year.

Dave Alexander


Robert & Judy Hassler Day at Port A Jetty

Nice winter day at the Port A Jetty for Robert and Judy Hassler of Jessop Iowa. They come out every year for a few months to enjoy a little fishing here in South Texas. They had a nice stringer of sheepshead going while using ghost shrimp.

Dave Alexander


Joe Folse nice Sheepshead catch.

Joe Folse of Port Aransas pulls in this nice Sheepshead using dead shrimp from a local restaurant where his wife works. She had received this shrimp as a tip from a patron. Port A Jetty is producing several nice sheapshead this time of year.

Dave Alexander


Kenneth Wright's Sheephead's at Port A Jetty

Kenneth always takes his schnauzer pup fishing with him to enjoy the day at Port A Jetty. Visiting from Odessa Texas Kenneth Wright catches several Sheepshead using ghost shrimp from the beach.
Dave Alexander



New Year Weekend of Fishing, 2011

Happy New Year from Manual and Catherine Lara! Enjoying the comforts of home while bringing in the new year on a floating cabin near Baffin Bay. Enjoying the weekend with friends and fishing... what could possibly be better than that?
Caesar Whites cabin is arguably is the largest floating cabin in the Laguna Madre that sleeps 8 or so easily. You always have your wind at your back while fishing as the cabin moves with the wind changes. Providing cover on the deck at all times.
The New Years weekend was a terrific opportunity for fishing as they brought back several redfish and black drum. All were caught fishing from the cabin using dead shrimp and fish bites combo. Not a bad way to spend the weekend.
Pictured are Tony Trevino, Caesar White, and Manual Lara.

Dave Alexander