Spencer and Teddy, Texas Land Cut

Spencer and Dave Alexander
Spencer and Dave Alexander
Had a great time with my nephew Spencer Alexander & his friend Teddy Hildebrandt from Grand Junction Colorado. Fun day of fishing with these two clowns catching speckled trout and sheepshead at the Texas Land Cut.
Sheepshead, Spencer Alexander
Spencer Alexander
Speckled trout, Teddy Hildebrandt
Teddy Hildebrandt

Sheepshead, Teddy Hildebrandt

Speckled trout, Teddy Hildebrandt

I get the trash fish award catching this ugly dog fish.

Oh yea... one more stingray for the shark fishing event for our Elders Quorum.

Teddy and Spencer selfie

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander


Pelican's and Dolphin at the Texas Land Cut

Had a great time going out to the Land Cut with a couple friends, Jeffery Fife and Alejandro, from Houston. However, this would be a little unusual trip as we ended up feeding the pelicans and dolphins. Things were just starting to heat up after catching a few skip jack. We tossed one of these fish to a pelican that was too lazy to go after his own meal. As it turned out this pelican couldn't even catch a free meal right.

Pelican catching fish
Soon after catching some speckled trout and sheepshead we had a large pod of dolphin crowd in our fishin spot. One of these dolphin seemed to poke his head up close to the back of our boat where we anchored and thank us for tipping them off on all those good fish.
Dolphin saying hello

Incredible, I have never seen so many dolphin all at once that swam around our boat as long as they did. Alejandro was starting to act like a Sea World dolphin trainer... hey boy, come here boy. 

Jeffery Fife catching a nice sheepshead off of live shrimp from Clems marina
sheepshead teeth
These sheepshead are actually very good to eat, though they are a pain to fillet. They're very bony but worth the effort. Checkout this guys teeth? These things can at first be a little creepy because they sport front teeth like a human, though they do need some braces. 

speckled trout
We were able to get a few speckled trout in the bucket. Jeffery showing off one of the nice ones. 
This time of year we don't see a lot of redfish but Alejandro showing this undersized red that found his hook. Hey, they have to be 20 inches to keep. Oh well. 

Normally I wouldn't be all that excited about catching a stingray... But hey, this is Shark bait for a Men's young single adult outing this August. This stingray is on ice until our shark event ;o) If we catch a shark this year I'll be thinking of Jeffery's donation to the cause. 

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander


Whiting Lighting at the Texas Land Cut

Finally got an opportunity to get out to the Land Cut this year. With a boat repaired and weather cooperating we made the most of a beautiful day for fishing. With a full moon out the night before we knew it would be a slow and later in day bite. South winds scattered the bate more then we thought it would as well.

The whiting were abundantly available to keep and put in the box. Of all the trips I've made to the Land Cut I don't recall catching so many of these. But we were glad to put something in the box to eat later.
Elder Seegmiller, Whiting fish

Elder Seegmiller is sporting one of these Whiting caught at the Land Cut. Their meet is white and mild tasting. Whiting are not considered a game fish because they are so abundantly available and they don't grow very big. But they are still great for the grill! 

Whiting are also known as southern king fish or gulf king fish. Whiting are easy to clean... fillet like you would a trout.

While out on the water the winds became more eastern and changed things up for us and almost immediately as we started catching speckled trout and black drum. Aaron DeVictoria caught a nice 17 inch speckled trout and a 25 inch black drum.

Aaron DeVictoria, speckled trout

Aaron DeVictoria, black drum

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander