Fishing Spots Make Online Impact

Contact: Dave Alexander
Telephone: 361-877-0054
Email: dave@justgofishin.com


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas---JustGoFishin.com, an online directory and information hub for the Gulf Coast sport fishing community, announces the launch of their latest website addition, Fishing Spots. Found online at fishingspots.justgofishin.com, Fishing Spots offers accurate, updated information specific to some of the best fishing locations on the Texas Coastal Bend.

The purpose of Fishin' Spots is to provide anglers with up-to-date information about where to drop a line in the Coastal Bend waters. Users can view an interactive map of the area they plan to visit, then select from popular fishing locations in that area. According to Just Go Fishin creator and administrator Dave Alexander, "With the information offered on Fishing Spots, you don't have to be a pro or have ten years of experience on the Coast to know where to fish. Even a newcomer to the area can quickly find out where and how to fish the best spots in the area." For the tens of thousands of out-of-area visitors who fish the Coastal waters each year, the advice and information available at Fishin Spots can help them plan a successful fishing vacation. Experienced anglers in the area can also benefit from the up-to-date weather information, exact GPS locations and maps, and links to the nearest marinas, bait shops, and boat ramps.

Just over a year since the launch of parent site JustGoFishin.com, the traffic and use of the internet resource has grown tremendously. More than 235,000 people visited the angler-oriented family of websites in May, and fishing- and tourism- related businesses are finding the website to be a valuable advertizing venue. For Alexander, adding Fishin' Spots to the Just Go Fishin group does more than provide useful, accessible information. "It is also," Alexander says, "a strategic part of search engine optimization. Because Fishing Spots serves people looking for specific information about popular fishing locations, our site is often among the first results they find when they search online." Indeed, Fishing Spots is already one of the most visible regional fishing resources on the web. Even the most recently-launched Fishing Spot sites already enjoy first-page listing on major internet search engines.

The amount of user traffic to the website also makes it a valuable marketing opportunity for local businesses. Owners of fishing- and tourism-related businesses, from hotels and restaurants to bait shops and guides, can sponsor a Fishing Spot near their place of business. When a business sponsors a Fishing Spot to be featured on the website, they gain exclusive advertizing header graphic and feature advertizment on that location's information page. This targeted publicity allows business owners to market their services to individuals who are planning a visit to their specific area. Currently, nineteen of the most popular Coastal Bend fishing locations are featured online at Fishing Spots, and over thirty more will be completed by the end of the year. Future goals also include incorporating fishing reports and advice from local experts for each Fishing Spot. "This is an ambitious project," says Alexander, "but the success of Fishing Spots and JustGoFishin.com shows that there are many anglers and local businesses who are already benefiting from both the consumer information and the advertizing value we offer."

For further information, contact Dave Alexander by email (dave@justgofishin.com) or by phone (361-877-0054).

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