Breaker Good Buddy... Roger that Big Daddy

Thursday, June 25th, our neighbors put a couple of boats together for a trip to the Gulf for some offshore action. Earlier in the week Bud Baker from The Dunes Condo’s called me up about going out fishing again with him and Chuck Lamb (TCU Professor). I like an excuse to go out on the water. As you can see it doesn’t take much.

Both Bud & I called a few fishing guides in the Redfish Bay Area & Aransas Bay Area’s and they told us that things had been slow due to lack of rain & high salinity. Another guide mentioned that the water temp is at boiling point and you’ll find fish in some deeper waters.

The weather was looking very hot and calm and I’d been looking for a good time to run offshore into the Gulf for some action. We decided to invite our other neighbor, Eric Peschke, to go out with us since he has a lot of offshore experience and would know where to go.

Before we new it, we had 2 boats going out fishin together. We both had VHF radios and would be able to communicate with each other as our fishing plan evolved. Since the North Bays were slow we decided to try the Gulf first and if the wind made things to rough we would go to plan B, head south to Baffin Bay and Land Cut.

As we headed out through the Packery Channel and we could see that the wind would stay down and make for a perfect day to be offshore in the gulf. We navigated to the Standpipe MU-794L and started trolling. As we both circling around trolling we heard on our radio; Breaker Good Buddy FISH-ON…. Roger that Big Boy. Eric Peschke & Brian Ashline on the Fish Master Boat had the first catch of the day.

Not much action after the first catch so we traveled North to the next Standpipe and started Trolling and we got into some nice King fish. Chuck Lamb pulled in the first 35”/36” King Fish from our Blazor Bay Boat. Then Bud & I caught a King Fish trolling between these Standpipes.

About 30 minutes later both Chuck & Bud had King Fish on their line at the same time. That kept us busy for a while and It was a lot of fun for my Maiden voyage offshore to the Gulf of Mexico on the Blazor Bay. Both boats had a lot of success catching King Fish combining for over a dozen for the day.

Then I hear, Breaker Good Buddy, We need you to come take our Pictures of our King Fish catches. 10/4 Big Boy hold them in your live well and we'll catch up soon... Roger That.

Since the King Fish wasn’t something we wanted to keep for the dinner table we released them all back into the water. We enjoyed the morning with a lot of activity and decided to move inshore to the ICW to try and catch something for the dinner table before going in.

We first went to the power lines just North of Clems & Billings bait on the ICW and then moved to the ICW across from Snoopy’s. We were able to catch a speckled trout at each location. The largest of the two was Chucks 21”er.

Just a great day on the water at JustGoFishin.com. I sure enjoy getting out with friends, neighbors and of course family. Hope ya’ll have a great day of fishin.

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