Tim Freeman's Redfish Catch

Caught Saturday February 25th 1 mile south of pure oil channel live shrimp under an alameda float, had two limits of reds and 9 trout in three hours, fishing with my wife Rosemary with the wind blowing 25 mph.
Fishing in 25 mile an hour winds isn't the best conditions for any fair-weather fisherman. But Tim doesn't fall into this category. Not only did he battle 25 mile an hour winds and the whitecap waves that go along with them. He took his wife along for the day as well. To Tim it's just your typical day on the water with your wife in 25 mile an hour winds, 3 foot whitecap swells, heavy boat sway and slap while catching your limits on redfish and several trout. Congratulations on a great day of fishing!

Dave Alexander

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Zoe said...

Tim Freeman comes from a long line of seafaring characters. No doubt, by continuing the legacy, he has made them proud! What a fish!!!