Land Cut Adventure, Black Drum Run

Another run to the Land Cut to take advantage of the time of year. Our last trip down to the Land Cut we caught several nice speckled trout. This time we caught all black drum off the bottom with live shrimp. The weather was a nice sunny day with 16 to 20 mile an hour winds.
Elder Terry Jones who is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with his wife in Corpus Christi Texas took a day off from their rigorous schedule of teaching college age young adults and other duties joined us on our quest to catch fish. Elder Jones said, "I can safely say that this is the biggest fish I ever caught".

Using light bay tackle, this fish took Elder Jones 10 mins or so to land this lunker in the boat. Measured 24 1/2 inches and weighed approximately 8 pounds and really gave him a nice fight.

This was a nice 24 1/2 inch, 7 pound Black drum. We really got into these drum today as we used great patience to hook and land these beauties. The bite was very faint and light, usually just getting a few bump... bump... bump's and then FISH ON. You had to be careful not to try and set hook to fast or you'd pull the hook right our of there mouth. Once they were hooked, it was a fun fight to land.

Catch of the day was by Gary Nelson's 30 inch, 14 pound black drum. Releasing this beast after a long fight to land, Gary had all the bragging rights of landing the biggest fish.
Great day of fishing with some great friends. Hooting and hollering like school kids as we landed several nice fish to take home and enjoy on the grill. The ride back got a little wet as we navigated across the mouth of Baffin Bay and Bird Island with swells 3 feet or so. The winds had kicked up to 20 miles an hour or so and blowing our boat spray over the top of boat getting us soaked. But all was good since we know that it's the "Price of Catching Fish" sometimes.

Dave Alexander


Unknown said...

Thanks Dave for a great day of fishing.

What a thrill for me to catch my first Black Drum and the largest fish I have caught to date.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself with you and Gary. Not only did I have a great time, caught some fish, but I also learned a great deal about fishing.

Thanks a Million

Elder Terry Jones

Anonymous said...

Truth is you would have outfished a lot more, but you gave us your spot and quit fishing to let us catch up. You are amazing. Thanks Dave!!