Speckled Trout at the Land Cut

Just a terrific day to enjoy the great outdoors with the nice cool breeze and warm sun while traveling and fishing the Land Cut. The bite was medium compared to other days but kept us just busy enough to stay on our fishin spot all day. The day brought us several nice keeper speckled trout as we tossed back several undersized fish.

Enjoying a day of fishing with some great friends makes it that much better. Just when we were wondering where the redfish and black drum were since we hadn't caught any yet. Cathy Ditto catches a nice 24" black drum. Working here temporarily from Tennessee had caught her first speckled trout, stingray, and black drum.

Katherine and Cathy caught these specks at the same time

Fishing with the JGF Rods proved to be a winning combination for some nice speckled trout catches throughout the day. The medium rod with light action was great to feel the bite and bumps of the fish in preparation in landing our fish.

Great day on the water with Cathy Ditto, Katherine Lara, Manual Lara, and I tossing a few hooks in the water.

Dave Alexander

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