Sal's Rat Red on Padre Island Canals

A guest of ours the last few weeks George Masters invited his co-workers Domingo and Sal over to fish our back dock area. They geared up and dropped some dead shrimp in the canal. POP, Sal catches a rat red pictured. Normally this rat red wouldn't be a big story. But, it is the first redfish caught in our canal. Usually you catch perch, hard-heads and an occasional black drum this deep in the canal's. Recently, the end of our canal is being aerated and seems to be improving our estuary in these canals. Very nice! Ribbon fish have been spotted recently as well another species we haven't seen before.
Sals Rat Redfish
We were certainly glad to open our home to our guests to do a little fishin, even though Patti and I were hard at it working in our front yard landscape placing new plants and mulch.

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander

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