Bass Fishing Records at Lake Fork, Texas

Patti and I traveled to Lake Fork, Texas and stayed at North Shore Landing guest house for a week to enjoy the great outdoors and some BASS fishing. The "Guest House" at North Shore Landing came equipped with our own Golf Cart to ride around the neighborhood. What a GREAT place to stay.
North Shore Landing Guest House, Lake Fork

North Shore Landing Pond
North Shore Landing also features a nice pond stocked with fish for your enjoyment. Our pups (Jazz and Doris) thought they were in puppy heaven running around chasing varmints.
North Shore Landing Hiking
Doris wasn't to sure about the Texas Long Horn's. They didn't seem to fit the varmint category and deserved much more respect.
Lake Fork Long Horns
Lake Fork is famous for its Bass fishing in the great state of Texas. Did you know that 33 of the top 50 Texas Bass records are out of Lake Fork? Yep, this is the place to go when you're after Bass "Hogs" for a trophy. The current Texas state record is 18.18 lbs caught on 1/24/92 at Lake Fork (31 years ago).
Lake Fork Bass Fishing
Knowing that my chances of catching a BIG bass were slim to none because of weather conditions and other factors like the season being pre-spawning season. I was able to hire one of the best fishing guides available on Lake Fork. David Vance took me to some nice areas where the large bass are known to gather. We worked hard all day using crank baits and jigs around the tree stumps, flats and shorelines.

North Shore Landing at Lake Fork, Pier
We were only able to catch a white bass for the day, but finished the day knowing we did all we could. I guarantee you that no other guide could have done better. I'll definitely give Dave Vance a call to go out again the next time we go to Lake Fork (Just hope he doesn't mind fishing with me again, lol).

Lake Fork, Texas

Patti and Dave at Lake Fork, Texas
Patti and I sure enjoyed a week of R and R at Lake Fork, Texas!

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