Great Catches at the Texas Land Cut

Once in a while you get a chance to go out with an ol' fishin buddy. Josh Swain and I haven't gone fishing together for a long time and it was great to get together and bend a few poles! The day sure didn't disappoint either... using live shrimp from Clem's marina Josh started off by catching this little Jack Crevalle which is a fish you don't often see at the Land Cut.
Josh Swain, Jack Crevalle, JustGoFishin.com
 Black Drum are still very plentiful at the land cut as Josh shows off this nice catch for the dinner table.
Josh Swain, Black drum, JustGoFishin.com
The speckled trout were striking our hooks as well as we made some nice catches. These trout can really give you a fight and makes it a lot of fun.
Josh Swain, Speckled Trout, justGoFishin.com

Dave Alexander, Black Drum, JustGoFishin.com
I was able to catch my personal best speckled trout on this day at 24 3/4 inches. Our speckled trout boat record is still held by Bryan Weatherston.
Dave Alexander, Speckled Trout, JustGoFishin.com
We couldn't of asked for a better day to get on the water with a great fishin buddy. You might remember Josh in our blog post of May 2008. Wow, that was 5 years ago and we're still bloggin away. Josh was fishing with me when I caught my biggest black drum in March of 2009.

Land Cut Catches, Black Drum, Speckled Trout, JustGoFishin.com
Not a bad line-up of fish for the day. We were just a redfish shy of a Texas Slam. We caught a rat red, but we only count the keepers.

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander

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