27 Inch Speckled Trout at the Land Cut

Charlie Cook's last trip to the Texas Land Cut proved to be a great day! We knew that we had a window of opportunity to get down to the land cut before the 30 mile per hour winds kicked in the afternoon. Pick up the last of the live shrimp at Clem's marina and headed south.

After pulling in a nice redfish the bite got very slow. Then we saw 2 dolphin swimming away from our area. No doubt that our fish were scattered with those beasts in the water. We decided to be patient and it payed off.

Charlie was able to hook this beautiful 27 inch speckled trout. She was a nice fight as she finally gave it up and into the boat. As things turned out we were only able to fish for about 1 1/2 hours. The wind started to get stronger with whitecaps in the land cut. We knew that we would be crossing rocky slough and Baffin bay would be tough enough so we were happy with what we accomplished fishin.

Great to have Bill along visiting Charlie and Margery from Colorado

It's Charlie's last trip fishin with us here in Texas because he and his wife Margery have been on an LDS mission where they teach Gospel Doctrine to college student age groups. We know them as Elder & Sister Cook. After serving one year here in the Corpus Christi area they will be headed back home to Colorado in a few weeks. We'll sure miss them!

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander

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