Canadian's Fishing Texas, Land Cut

Great to see John again and returning to South Texas where he served his LDS mission. Traveling from Ontario Canada with his wife Amanda they've been taking in the beautiful outdoors of Texas. I was excited to have an opportunity to take the newly weds out on a fishing trip to the Land Cut. The pressure was on since Amanda had never gone fishin let alone catch one. So I was hoping that faith followed by action would produce results.

Picking up live shrimp at Billings Bait we started out early to get a jump on the day. Winds were coming out of the Northeast which made it cooler than usual but still enjoyed eastern winds. Things turned out great.

As soon as we arrived to our fishing spot we placed our hooks in the water and within about 10 minutes we had fish on! Amanda caught her first fish... it was a speckled trout.

Above is Amanda's picture with a sheepshead.

Caps the day off with a nice slot speckled trout.
John has a great day as well with this nice speckled trout catch.
John gets the catch of the day... a nice 21 inch black drum. John's previous largest ever was a 4 inch perch he caught as a kid. This shreds the tape with a new personal record.
We had several small nibbles that would steel our bait. At first I thought it was perch or something of that nature. I was close. I happen to snag this small sheepshead just outside the mouth steeling my bait. I just haven't seen so many sheepshead this far down at the Land Cut.

(John Clarke, Me, Amanda Clarke)
Just a great day of fishing with my friends from Ontario Canada!
Y'all come on back now... Eh!

Y'all have a great day of fishing... Eh,
Dave Alexander

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