Blue Heron Rescue

This blue heron was rescued today by my wife and her daughter Jana Badger and her son Breyton as they were getting ready for a swim in the canal. They spotted the blue heron across the canal. The blue heron was halfway submerged underwater and fighting to get ontop of the deck to survive. We got into our kayak and paddled over the the bird and she gladly accepted my paddle to stand on to raise her out of water and onto the deck. Once on the deck she was somewhat wobbly and exhausted from the fight to save her own life.

I called up my favorite Texas Game Warden and he gave me a contact phone number. Guy Davis, 361-688-5159, who lives on the island was glad to stop by and rescue the bird to get rehabilitated for release back into the wild. He said it had been the second blue heron he had rescued for the day. Guy said that they most likely got into trouble with the recent heavy winds and thunder showers we experienced the night before.

Y'all have a great day of fishing,
Dave Alexander

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