Land Cut with Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein and I took off early to the Land Cut Saturday morning the 20th of November. We were both very surprised not to see a lot of boats to compete with as we travelled south on the Laguna Madre. We almost had the cut all to ourselves for the day. The waters were very calm all the way down which made me concerned about the bite we would have. As we selected our spot to fish and set-up to make our first cast, Richard gets an undersized flounder on his hook. That was a good sign!

The weather changed while we were anchored as the winds started to get stronger and the clear Sky's became partly cloudy. Then we started to get into the larger fish. We both caught redfish, speckled trout and black drum for a terrific day.

We were using live shrimp on the bottom and almost every cast had a fish on the hook. We must have gotten into a nursery with all the undersized stuff we caught. But managed to take home some nice keepers.

That's what it's all about... a great blackened redfish dinner. Till next time, hope y'all have a great day of fishin,

Dave Alexander

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