Land Cut Produces Some Nice Catches

Last Friday, November 12th, I went out with some friends, Manual Lara and Art Meru, to do a little fishin. We picked up Art at Clems as we picked up 2 quarts of live shrimp and a couple dozen mullet for the day. We didn't have a game plan for where we would go, only that there were some fishing reports of some nice fish down south at Baffin Bay and Land Cut. We had also, heard that the boat hole and deadman's was holding nice fish but we were gassed up and ready for travelling.

Not to far from Snoopy's on the ICW we found pelicans really working the water strong and stopped to throw a few casts into this area. Manual had a big bite, but fish was able to jump his hook. After coming up empty, we decided to move on south to Baffin Bay.

As we arrived in Baffin Bay the water, as expected, was really starting to churn with 3 foot swells so we went to the South shoreline to try some drift fishing. Watching out for rocks is criticle in this area because hitting one would ruin your whole day. I kept a close eye on the GPS during this time of trip. We managed to catch a few undersized trout while using a popping cork rig. We then decided to move on down to rocky slough to improve our wind cover. We managed to catch a few more undersized speckled trout using the same popping cork method.

The day was starting to get away from us and at about 1:00pm we still hadn't found the fish. With the winds kicking up to about 20 mph the birds weren't feeding to help us locate the fish.

We moved on down to the Land Cut to improve our coverage from the wind and try dropping our bait on the bottom. We finally started getting into the fish. Catching some nice slot redfish, black drum and speckled trout. The fish were just nibling our baits and you had to really be patient to allow time for the reds to swallow the hook.

Art limited on redfish and had we stayed longer we all would have perhaps done the same. However, we were running out of daylight and needed to start our voyage back home.

Arthur Meru and Manual Lara

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