Tale of Two Jetty's

After a couple weeks of cold fronts with wind and rain has made it difficult to enjoy fishing at the Port A Jetty and the Packery Channel Jetty. The Packery Channel Jetty Northside access has been closed for road construction and you have to drive further North to the Newport access road. This weekend is the first nice weather we have had to get out and place your hook in the water.

I stopped by the Port A Jetty and the anglers were out in full force using live and dead shrimp and taking nice catches of Sheepsheads. The weather is fabulous and the water is clear and setting up a great day of angling. I was able to visit with several anglers vacationing from different parts of the country and staying there in Port Aransas. They seemed to be enjoying the day away from the shopping malls for Christmas gifts.

After taking several pictures at Port A Jetty, I decided to run down to the Packery Channel Jetty to see what kind of angling was going on there. I found just a few fishermen and the end of the Jetty. Their only catches were hardheads, nemeses of the bottom.

What an interesting difference today between the Port A Jetty & the Packery Channel Jetty. Port A Jetty is more of a vacation destination for many from other parts of the country and therefore will have more anglers. The Packery Channel Jetty is more of a "locals" destination and with the North access road closed made things more scarce. Both jetties produce great numbers of catches but on this day the Port A Jetty had much more going for it. http://www.justgofishin.com

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