David Brooks Packery Channel Jetty Catches

To get the edge on ALL your buddies and other anglers and catch the biggest and the most fish you should try the "Real Lemon Juice" Rig. Not many people know about this set-up but you'll catch Sheephead, Black Drum, and Redfish all day long.

David uses a Real Lemon Juice container as a float with about a foot and a half of leader to a triple hook. I'm definitely going get one of these in my tackle box!

As you can see David Brooks filled up his cooler with some nice catches of the day!!! Congratulations.

Nice Sheephead catch

Cooler full of Redfish, Black Drum, and sheephead.

Caught a nice 30" Bull Redfish

The Packery Channel Jetty is producing some nice catches today using live shrimp on a Real Lemon Juice Rig. David Brooks made some lemonaid out of lemons. :o)


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