When is the best time Gig Flounder?

So when is the best time to gig for flounder? I had to ask a few of our guides that provide fishin reports for JustGoFishin and enjoyed there feedback. There is a consensus that gigging is good year round. However, There seems to be insight that winter is better for gigging. Flounder tend to stay in deeper water when it's warm and come up closer to the shoreline when water is colder.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife has closed flounder gigging for the month of November to allow for the population to build back up. They will be allowing 2 flounder per day by rod & real only.

Helpful tips when gigging for flounder. Best to look for them in the sandy areas and watch for the gullies where food will be consentrated. You can tell when the Tide is going out or coming in by how the flounder are positioned. When you see a flounder facing towards the shore means the tide is headed out or if the flounder is facing the bay means the tide is coming in. They're positioning themselves to feed.

Safety tip while floundering. Keep an eye out for stingray. You can easily get stung if your not careful. If you see 2 eyes about a foot apart That means its a REALLY big stingray.

JustGoFishin Sources:
Captain Justin Ortez, Captain George Garza, Captain Steve Utly

Photo: Catch the Cure Fishing Tournament

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