The Ultimate Fishing Backpack

While hiking at the Port A Jetty last weekend to see what kind of catches anglers were receiving, I noticed a Fishing Backpack rig I had not seen before. Anyone that has walked the Port A Jetty knows that its not a walkway... your navigating through large cut boulders of granite stacked on top of each other.

Imagine what an angler goes through to get there gear out to the end of the Jetty? You have to carry your pole(s), tackle, bait, cast net, and yes something to snack on and beverage of choice. Then if you have a successful day fishing... you have to carry your fish out!

I met Brian Ervin with his own homemade fishing backpack he had created. Obviously he had already experienced the hardship I just described above. As they say "necessity is the mother of invention", and this is a great invention.

I'm reminded of a vacation my wife and I took earlier in the year to Costa Rica. My wife had the idea that we should pack our clothes in backpacks instead of the usual suit cases on wheels. As it turned out... this was a great idea. It was so much easier carrying our backpacks around then trying to pull our suit cases on unforgiving terrain while we transferred from cab to boat to jeep to bus to king air during our trip.

Anyway, these fishing backpacks Brian and his buddy created solves a lot of problems. He's easily able to carry multiple fishing pulls, all his gear, cooler for drinks and snacks. If he has a good day fishing, he has a C clamp where he hangs his catches to carry them out.

Very clever Brian! This is truly the Ultimate Fishing Backpack.

The Bull Redfish were running last weekend on the Port Aransas South Jetty. Be sure to send us your Fishing Tales! http://tales.justgofishin.com

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