Boat Show Weekend

We had a great time at the Corpus Christi Boat Show this last weekend. There were a lot of nice looking water craft and vessels to see and kick the tires. Fishing boats sure has come a long way in the last 10-20 years.

Working in the SEA booth was a lot of fun selling raffle tickets to win a very nice fishin boat. Saltwater-fisheries Enhancement Association does a lot to support our fisheries locally. That means the funds they raise stay right here in are area. They had a terrific weekend and area appreciative of the support from the community. You should also consider joining the association.

We had several people give advice on the best boat and accessories to get for best fishing. We are certainly thankful to your emails and comments.

I was surprised not to see the Mosca, Majek boats at the show boat was able to see several others that might fit our fishin needs.

I was able to visit with every boat dealer for fishing in the Laguna Madre over the weekend and found several boats that we liked. I was looking for a 22' long boat w/at least a 200hp outboard.

The Haynie is a nice boat but I was looking for a double hull or liner that added appeal and comfort. The Ranger & Nortic Star were possibilities because of there appeal, accessories to enhance your fishin.

The Skeeter 22' seemed like a real possibility sporting the only tunnel hull in it's class. Typically known for there bass boats they have another class of boat that run in saltwater. We made arrangements to test drive on Saturday and it did perform very well in choppy waters. We tested the set-up for trolling and also perform very well.

Looked at the Skout's and they seem to have the most room on the boat for fishing. I had a chance to visit with Huff himself! Wow, what a pleasure to meet a guy who use to race when he was younger and fishin his whole life. The story's he can tell and share with us I bet are great! He's 93 years old now and still supporting his daughter in the boat business. What a treasure Corpus Christi has in Huff.

Checked out a Blue Wave and it was probably in the top 3 on my list of possibilities. I liked the trim appeal and accessories and the back fold-out seating.

The Blazer Bay was a very nice looking boat that seemed to fit a lot of what we were looking for with a lot a accessories and a 4 stroke 250 Susuki. Though it didn't have a tunnel hull, it certainly sports a nice motor with trim tabs and other features on the boat. The team at Ron Hoover seem to be more prepared to answer questions and deal.

After you get through all the fluff of comparing boats this time around it came down to 2 boats. We like the Skeeter & the Blazer Bay. At this time its simply whether or not we can make a deal. I haven't test driven the Blazer Bay yet which may happen soon.

Even if we are not able to work a deal out at this time we certainly learned a lot about boats this past weekend. What a terrific venue to maximize the consumer's time and have most of the boat dealers all at one place where we get to shop and compare. There's no right or wrong answer to which is the best boat. It's which is the best boat for you and your family.

I really think that the dealers that missed the show missed a great opportunity. Even though the economy is in a slump, you still have to get your product out in view of the public. Owners make claims of "We are word of mouth only" kind of stuff. In my humble opinion all there doing is maintaining or going backwards in there business, you really can't be growing your company with-out going after new customers. (Anyway, that's for another blog)

We hope that you enjoy JustGoFishin.com and information we provide in several different categories.

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