Fly Fishing the Utah Weber River

In a recent trip to Salt Lake City, Utah I had the opportunity to try fly fishing for the first time. The Scadden family were kind enough to take me out and "show me the ropes" of fly fishing. We took a trip to Cabelas the night before to buy some tackle and equipment for the next days trip to the famous Weber River. Half the fun is going to Cabelas picking out stuff we know we'll need for our trip!

I have never fly fished before so this was mostly going to be working on my casting technique than fishing. The scenery was spectacular and the sounds of the outdoors was very peaceful and tranquil. It's a reminder that a bad day of fishing sure beats a good day at the office. But this was no bad day. Only awesome.
Fly Fishing the Weber River
As we arrived into Coalville we parked and setup our gear. This is where I learned the surgeons knot in creating a fly fishing rig for nymph. This is basically bottom fishing using fly rod gear.
Fly Fishing the Weber River
Richard Scadden was very patient in showing me the proper setup for nymph rigs. Richard had only been fly fishing for a few years but showed the skill and patience of a veteran. His boys Russ and Jeff also had a great appreciation and respect for the quality time they had to enjoy fishing with their dad. Fly fishing as I learned on this day is very different than other types of fishing. You seem to gain a greater appreciation for just being there on the side of the river taking in the beauty around you while concentrating on your casting skills, finesse and fly placement.
Fly Fishing the Weber River

I enjoyed the casting motion and placing the fly in the water at various parts of the river. However, I did struggle with getting my leader tangled up. My casting motion was more sideways instead of overhead. The sideways motion messed me up everytime. You can see in the picture above I had a chicken mocking me along side the river as I almost caught her. 
Fly Fishing the Weber River
Russ Scadden is the programming wizard that created our website JustGoFishin.com. It was great to spend some time with him in the great outdoors then behind a desk programming. I'm really pleased with what he was able to create and far exceeded our programming expectations for JustGoFisin.
Fly Fishing the Weber River
Jeff Scadden actually caught a small brown in this part of the river. Wow, what an awesome setting to enjoy fly fishing with a great family. On the right is Richard Scadden (Dad), Middle: Russ and Jeff on the far left. Picture perfect I'd say. 
What a tremendous day to enjoy fly fishing for my first time. Great company, great outdoors, and a great day! Thanks y'all!

Dave Alexander

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