No Bananas at the Texas Land Cut

Enjoyed a nice day of fishing at the Texas Land Cut with Glen Evans from Springville, Utah and Roger Royce from Austin, Texas. We got started early Wednesday morning with some live shrimp from Clems Marina
As we anchored up along the shoreline of our fishing spot we started casting our bait along the shoreline with
hopes of some nice catches. We started to get several small things in our way that kept adding up. We lost three or four fish to broken hooks, lost half dozen leaders to snags on the bottom, lost several fish as we were about to land them on the boat, and caught several undesirables like hard-heads. Roger and I managed to land a few keeper speckled trout but the keeper fish seemed to elude Glen. With further investigation we discovered that Glen had smuggled on board the boat a banana! :o/ Now I don't consider myself a superstitious person, but when it comes to fishing, don't take the chance. Glen had never heard this superstition but he quickly tossed the banana overboard with hopes of breaking the curse.We moved to another location along the Land Cut and quickly began to improve our fishing. Things were getting back to how they should be catching some nice fish for the day.

Speckled Trout, Glen Evans, JustGoFishin.com

Black Drum, Glen Evens, JustGoFishin.com

Black Drum, Roger Royce, JustGoFishin.com

Speckled Trout, Roger Royce, JustGoFishin.com

Speckled Trout, Dave Alexander, JustGoFishin.com

Black Drum, Dave Alexander, JustGoFishin.com

We certainly had a lot of fun fishin with some friends and catchin some fish. I might have to pick up a banana scanner that will detect and alert me when a banana is entering the boat. 

Y'all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander

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