Port A and Packery Jetty's

It's Memorial weekend and the anglers will be out in droves looking for a great day fishin. Thursday I went out to see how the Packery Channel & Port A Jetty's were looking and what might be getting caught this time of year. The weather was just great, sunny and warm and clear waters.The bite was slow midday in both places perhaps due to the full moon night before. This didn't stop anglers from coming out.

At the Packery Channel I met Mark Beverlly who recently moved here from Georgia. He caught a nice slot redfish on live shrimp on the south packery channel jetty at the tip. Nice looking redfish to start the day and weekend off.

I decided to head on up to the Port Aransas Jetty to see what he fishing conditions would be like further North. As I arrived it looked like there were twice as many anglers fishing the Jetty so I was hopeful on finding some great catches.

As I walked and climbed over granite boulders and talking with anglers about the day. There wasn't much going on. I made it all the way to the end of the South side jetty and there were no catches. As I made my way back  Art Gonzales of Rockport pulled in a Spanish Mackerel using dead mullet for his first catch of the day.

With the Memorial weekend coming and great weather conditions the fishing aught to be GREAT. Hope y'all have a great and safe weekend of fishin.

Dave Alexander

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