Baffin Bay Rodeo Trout Tournament in Pictures

Great turnout for the first annual Baffin Bay Rodeo out of Bluff's Landing. Friday night event was the Captains meeting, Dinner and social. After registration the field will begin with 50 teams.

2009 Baffin Bay Rodeo Champions
  1. Nieman & O' Riley, Total Weight: 17.74 lbs
  2. Loomis & Akin, Total Weight: 17.20 lbs 
  3. Simmons & Lloyd, Total Weight: 16.66

Saturday Morning begins with a 50 Boat shotgun start. Launching at dawn all of the Baffin Bay Anglers Making there way to their planned fishing spot. Drawing their start number the night before Roger Viar starts everyone off in order. Windy conditions will make it a tough day.

Saturday afternoon everyone enjoyed watching the anglers come in with their catches, socializing, and raffel of prizes.

Check-out these catches for the day and leader board. There were some nice catches of the day and several teams in the hunt for 10K.

Sunday Morning, day 2 of the Baffin Bay Rodeo begins with a reduced field of about 25 or so boats all chasing the $10,000 prize! After the first day's results about half the field decided to forfeit due to continued windy conditions.

Sunday afternoon had a weigh-in time between 1:00pm & 3:00pm. Anglers stayed out as long as possible due to the slow fishing conditions.

Sunday Afternoon Catches:

Amazingly enough Roger Viar's team was able to save most of the trout nursing them in the lives wells. Only a few were lost out of everyone's catches. Anglers did a very nice job keeping them alive for the weight-in while traveling. Not an easy thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I'm going to have to make sure I fish in this next time it comes around. Great Pictures!