Flounder Scoping Meeting

Flounder Scoping Meeting on Wednesday, November 19 at 6 pm in Rockport Texas at Aransas County District Courtroom at 301 N. Live Oak.

Currently the regulations read as follows: Daily bag of 10 (in any combination) Length in inches minimum 14 - no limit. The possession limit for flounder is 10 fish.

Texas Parks & Wildlife will present their findings on the populations of Flounder at the beginning of the meeting and then will open up the floor for discussion.

Here is the excerpt from the Press Release issued by Texas Parks & Wildlife on November 10, 2008

Coastal Fisheries to Look at Flounder. Despite a relatively good year for flounder coast wide this year, TPWD Coastal Fisheries biologists remain concerned about a long-term downward trend in the abundance of southern flounder in Texas bays. Gill net catch rates have fallen from a rate of .14 fish per hour in 1982 to about .03 fish per hour last year.

State fisheries biologists have already met with commercial and recreational fishermen to discuss possible changes to flounder regulations, and have planned a series of public scoping meetings to outline management options and receive input from anyone with an interest in the issue. Management tools at the department╩╝s disposal include:
decreasing the bag limit, increasing minimum size limit, area or time closures and quotas.

Please email me back if you or any fishermen you know have an opinion or view of any changes to the Flounder regulations.

We're trying to get opinions from fishermen on this subject. TPWD will be making changes. Please take survey on top right of page.

Charlie Erigan
SEA VP Inshore Resources

Below are our final results from online survey.

Decrease the bag limit: 13 Votes, 61%
Increase Minimum size limit: 7 Votes, 33%
Area or Time Closures: 5 Votes, 23%
All of the above: 6 Votes, 28%

Results sent to the SEA & Texas Parks & Wildlife.
Thank you all for your participation.


Dennis Miller said...

Why do recreational fishermen always the ones to pay for commercial overfishing? As a past shrimper, the by-catch of flounder fingerling is incredible. Why not restructure toe shrimp season to allow them to grow? Or how about a full season of no shrimping? One season would allow millions of flounder to grow and populate our fisheries. Plenty of farm raised shrimp for one season!

Patti & Dave Alexander said...

My view!

As a fishing guide I certainly would like to catch more Flounder than the 5 or 6 I catch accidently a year...the actually fishery for them in non-existent...gigging is the only way to get them now in days...I was coming through the Shrimp channel Saturday night from an offshore trip...10! 10! Different Flounder groups gigging along that shoreline! I think it is a no brainer to stop or at least hamper commercial fishing for them...there just aren't enough...should go to rod and reel only (not that would get a reaction from people who Gig Sorry!)...same way with Red Snapper! But that is only my biased opinion...I know that the fish is worth SO MUCH more to the community as a recreational catch! I would also drop the limit to 5 per person. I think it is wrong that commercials can keep 60! www.fishntexas.com

Fish More, Live Longer!
Capt. Scott McCune