Just Go Fishin

JustGoFishin just about says it all! The weekend was just beautiful to enjoy the outdoors. My Cousin John was visiting this month from Blacksburg, Virginia on an medical school rotation. It was great to meet him for the first time after all these years. John had grown up in Argentina during his youth and later moved to the States. Anyway, we were glad to put him up for a month while finishing up his last few months of education. He finally was able to carve a Saturday afternoon out so we went Fishin' at Red Dot Pier.

Fishin was kind of slow Saturday night but we managed to catch a few fish. We caught a ribbon fish and was happy to give it to another lady that was targeting that Species. Later caught a Skip Jack. Hooked a few trout that got away. Others on the pier had caught several flounder that evening.

All in all we enjoyed a great night on the pier and visiting with others.

We wish John well in his journey to Florida for his last rotation before beginning his internship. We certainly welcome him and family back to spend more time on recreation! :o)

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