Red Dot Pier

I had a family member visit Corpus Christi who came here on a Medical school rotation and we were able to carve out a night of fishing at the Red Dot Pier. We were able to catch a few ribbon fish that night and I gave them away to some other anglers that were targeting this species that night for an Asian recipe. 

Important Tip 

One thing you need to look-out for is the underwater pipe that runs parallel to the deck about 30 feet out in the humble channel. Not knowing this you will experience loosing your leader and cutting off your line and re-rigging.  Take equipment that will cast your bait and hook out far enough to avoid this underground pipe. When you get a "Fish On"... reel fast to keep fish from taking your line down to the pipe and breaking your leader off.  Red Dot Pier gladly will sell you replacement leaders and gear if you snag the under water cable.
Dave Alexander

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Anonymous said...

They will gladly sell you more gear for a high price!