Rumor.... Possible State Record on Speckled Trout?

Joe and Susie Blankenship sent this Picture over to us today... is there any truth to the rumor of a new Texas state record on speckled trout 36 inches 18 pounds? Hopeful on details soon... ;o)

We called the Rockport Coastal Fisheries for any confirmation. And they hadn't heard anything yet and would followup with Austin. 

Turns out that this picture was a clever hoax sent in by someone anonymous. Not a bad photoshop! If you look closely the fingers are missing on the pic. Anyway... it was fun to post anyway! lol

Y'all have a great day of fishing,
Dave Alexander


Steffen Hymel said...

It's no photoshop. And it is a Massive trout caught at South Padre. And to top it off the guy in the picture played football at A&M (he's a pretty big dude)

Anonymous said...

This thing has gone way out of hand lol. The pic is not fake, nor is it a state record. 10.2 lbs 32 1/2 inches. Someone just took the pic and turned it into a fish story. If you look at the fishing community boards as well so many people have turned it into a big deal even after the orignal person caught it tried to explain the true weight and length. I know the person personally and they have several pics with other monster trout that day. it was caught off SPI in early april if my memory is correct

I've just been watching this poor guy who actually caught this fish get his name bashed for the past 5 months or so.